Saturday, November 15, 2008

Even through David Crowder!

I think that this is a good time to say thank you God cause he speaks to me very clearly sometimes. This just so happened to be one of those times. As most of you know I am in the process of finding out what I am going to do when I leave the ship and it is constantly on my mind to the point sometimes it gives me a headache. Not nice!! I also pray about it a lot and most of my quiet times are spent asking God to show me where to go next. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT TOPIC in my life right now. Especially since people ask me all the time on the ship and some off..."So what are your plans when you leave the ship?" and my response is almost always "Well I would really like to do this and this, but I am not really sure" That exact conversation happens at least once a day!! So as you can tell it is a bit mind consuming and I think that I think and worry about it too much but then sometimes I think that I don't think about it enough.
I was out on the deck during our current voyage just listening to my music and it was on shuffle and the DCB (David Crowder band) song "Forever and Ever" came on and I listen to it all the time and I really like it so I was just singing and humming along with it and then I just stopped and listened to the words and one of the key lines in the song that gets sung over and over again is "Maybe Like a Match being Lit or the Sinking of a Ship, letting go Gets a better grip" Woah! God was saying to me, not that this ship is going to sink or, for those on the ship reading this, or that I am going to light a match but to say the best thing in either of those situations is to let it go. Becca, are you going to hold on to a match forever and let it burn your fingers or are you going to let it go and create a bonfire. Are you going to hold on to the rails of a sinking ship or are you going to let go and jump in the life boat? BECCA, are you going to keep holding on to what you want to do with your life or am I going to let me [God] have all of your hopes and dreams and see whatI am going to do? I think that hummm....ok I will give it up but you have to help!
Wow and as I was writing I was thinking about something else that was telling me the same thing. Another song!!! We were singing the song "All that I am" and the words that spoke to me were for the verse "Things in the past and things yet unseen wishes and dreams that are yet to come true all of my hope and all of my plans my heart and my hands are lifted to you." Then the chorus goes "Lord I offer my life to you everything Ive been through use it for your glory, Lord I offer my days to you lifting my praise to you as a pleasing sacrifice Lord I offer you my life"
I was not even in the crowd or singing!! I was working!!! I just started crying! Not a bad cry but you know one of those God of the Massive Universe, HOLY and PERFECT is speaking to ME, tiny me. I am listening.
I THINK THAT GOD IS TRYING TO TELL ME SOMETHING?!?!? What do you think? I firmly believe that I need to let God have all of the plans that I have for my life and even if they don't happen he has something better for me! PRAISE GOD THAT HE SPEAKS even through songs!!!

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Richard said...

Hey Becca,
Thanks for sharing this one. Yeah, God speaks through songs to me, too. The most profound connections I think I have ever had with Him has been in worship when He makes it all more real than the stuff I had been calling real. He is THE REAL DEAL! I trust God's voice in your heart. (I might have some opinions and ideas to offer, but God is at work in you and I know it!) Keep writing -- you have good things to share.